© Léa Donnan 2013


The frequencies of whispering gallery waves are so powerful they can travel
the curvature of the globe through different systems and across an inter-material line.

Directed and Produced by Léa Donnan 2012-2013
Editors: Josh Raymond, Baldvin Kari, Léa Donnan
Performers: Jieva Grigelionyte, Jurga Latvyte
Music: Katelyn Clark and Léa Donnan.
Camera/Cinematography: Léa Donnan
Colour Timing and Finishing: Josh Raymond
Camera/plane interior: Stefano Cozzi, Mark Edward Kelley Dorf
Sound Recordist: Katelyn Clark, Stefano Cozzi, Emma Sanderson.
Special Assistance: Melody Woodnut, Emma Sanderson
Production Assistant: Natalie Jones
Technical Advisor: Craig Downing
Costume Design: Dainius Bendikas
Make Up: Emma Sanderson, Léa Donnan.

video still (sperm whale at the foot of the entrance to the center of the earth according to Jules Verne
video still (morse code cast from volcanic ash and ice)
video still (pre digital code for the Jaquard loom)